Saturday, August 20, 2011

When there is no psychiatrist

We’ve conquered much of our fear,
And accepted the ending is near;
We’ve taken big steps,
But aside from our preps,
Where do we go from here?

We lived in an upward trend,
There was nothing we couldn’t transcend;
We did not comprehend
We could also descend
Or that progress could come to an end.

When extinction hits all humankind,
Our achievements of body and mind
Will be recombined
With the earth, and you’ll find
There won’t be a trace left behind.

Society took on a new hue
After peaking: advancement was through;
All things will get worse
As we shift to reverse
With no future to look forward to.

It’s not just those long in the tooth,
But because of doom, also the youth
Who haven’t much time
To muse on the sublime
And if they can handle the truth.

I’m sorry, it won’t help to rail
Against haters who want us to fail;
To become fully prepped
Means we have to accept
That reason will not prevail.

The people with most of the pie
Want to maintain the oil party high;
Let them carry the ball,
I'm not worried at all:
They have more to lose than do I.

Tyranny lowers the bar
In language and symbols afar;
Look closer and see
It’s inside you and me,
And won’t change because that’s who we are.

A world in which meaning is nil,
And daily, things go more downhill,
Could make someone glum
And think doom will come
Somewhat sooner than it really will.

When some see there’s nowhere to run,
They decide to go out and have fun;
Others work to get done
The preps they’ve begun,
And some end up using a gun.

When the world is changing to rubble
And problems repeatedly double,
We’ll see folks, no doubt,
Take the easy way out
Because that’s the end of their trouble.

Each of us, we can’t forestall
When our treadmill’s too fast, and we fall;
So the end of our romp
Is a body slam THWOMP,
The belt sweeps us away, and that’s all.

Eternally hope springs its thrall,
But we know full well we’ll hit the wall;
Perhaps a vaccine
To make us serene
Is accepting there’s no hope at all.

Regarding the peak human question,
Here is my personal suggestion:
No morals involved,
Or problems to be solved;
It’s ecological succession.

It’s normal to conquer despair
By looking hard for what’s not there;
But using delusion
Results in confusion
If you still want to think life is fair.

“The time to have acted has passed,”
IOW, the die has been cast;
So sit back and relax,
Have a drink and some snacks—
We can’t stop what’s coming here fast.

If you’re asked what defense to employ
(Granting that this may annoy),
Say, “The answer’s quite clear,
Get popcorn and beer,
Then find a nice chair, and enjoy.”


  1. oh Ben! It's wonderful!!
    I'm so happy Ben, you know I'm one of your biggest fans!

  2. And you know I’m in awe of you.
    Haha I just came across your limerick and made myself yet another copy to be sure I could always find it to quote! :D And you know nothing would make me happier than if you could find some use for my stuff. :)