Monday, August 22, 2011

This is your brain on doom

Molecules bounce, one by one,
Making blame something much overdone;
To increase serenity:
Escape your identity
And find that our choices are none.

All we do, as living earth critters,
Is be moved escape our jitters;
We aim for what glitters
And, if we’re not quitters,
We alter our neurotransmitters.

Our brains are neurons a-blinking,
Mostly animal non-verbal linking;
Things like persecution
Come from old evolution
And not from logical thinking.

Amebas try to avoid
Noxious stimuli—they get “annoyed”,
Much as every mutation
Reacts to sensation
And will, till we all are destroyed.

Since life began to expand
Undersea, and later on land,
What caused us to thrive:
We evolved to survive,
Not to know or to understand.

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