Saturday, March 7, 2020

Paging George Orwell, George Orwell, White Courtesy Telephone Please

It was, like, our usual scene:
Just doing our normal routine;
It was April—and cold,
We were all well controlled, 
And the clocks were striking thirteen.

Although we might often have druthers,
We should act like good sisters and brothers:
All animals are equal,
But then comes the sequel: 
Some are more equal than others.   

Two legs are bad, four legs good,
That’s how to think like you should;
Surprise! Two legs bad
Was only a fad—
Two legs good! You misunderstood.

Freedom is slavery—true,
And ignorance, strength (which you knew);
Of course, war is peace,
And as rations decrease, 
Big Brother is watching you.

The creatures looked from their niche,
Between man and pig they would switch;
They were dead meat because 
Already it was 
Impossible to say which was which.