Thursday, August 18, 2011


When you find yourself in the bind
Of leaving your old life behind,
It’s hard to unwind
When what’s on your mind
Is whether to poop or go blind.

I’d rather be bored than abide
The drop-off on this coaster’s slide.
What seems fun right now
Will make you go “Ow!”
You’ll start screaming, “Please stop the ride!”

When folks learn their world view’s manure,
And, moreover, that there’s no cure,
That mindfuck will do
Some powerful poo—
It will be quite the scene, for sure.

Real doom is bound to attract fuss,
And can cause folks to overreact thus;
Maybe things are so bleak,
It’s a mental technique,
A diversion we use to distract us.

(“First they came for the Communists....")
This quote is less warning than Zen
On the morals of women and men:
It’s simply a fact
Of the way people act
And the way we will do it again.

We’re born not on left nor on right;
Through nature and nuture our sight
Becomes somewhat slanted.
Then we’re enchanted
To fight for it with all our might.

In a world with a different plot,
We wouldn’t be in this tough spot;
But since that’s not true,
We’ll have to make do,
And live in the one that we’ve got.

Sometimes you wish on a star
To experience life great or bizarre,
I suspect that the answer
Is no life enhancer:
It’s best to be who you are.

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