Saturday, March 30, 2019

More Benjamin the Donkey

No Woo

Everyone finds their own view
On what, where, when, how, why and who;
My cognitive glue
Is to hold science true—
It helps deal with doom when I do. 

In Praise (?) of Denial

If I had no denial, I’d know 
That my life will continue to blow,
And since my life sucked
And I’m totally fucked,
I’d have killed myself long long ago.

Just Say No to Anxiety

At worsening horrors we’re gawking—
There’s no fix, just hope-filled pep talking;
The future you know:
(How else could things go?)
It’s over—we’re dead people walking.

Relief for the Depressed

When it seems things can’t get any worse,
And those bad thoughts, you cannot disperse,
You might ask in dismay
How to be more O.K.,
And the answer is in the next verse.

It might be just naivete,
So say to yourself straightaway:
“In the future, I’ll see
That things won’t ever be
As good as they still are today.”

Curing Cognitive Dissonance

If you’re close to the end of your rope 
‘Cause two worlds make life hard to cope,
There’s a new view to try
Before we all die:
No unrealistic false hope.

The Living Will Envy The Dead

Our suffering’s only begun
From fate, which we cannot outrun;
There'll be widespread approval
Of human removal
By the time this shitshow’s all done.

Our Will to Live

We’ve evolved, dear doom inductee,
As saddled, and cannot buck free:
Despite all we suffer,
We claim we’re still tougher,
And keep right on trucking. Fuck me.

Some Days Are Worse Than Others

‘Round these parts we get by somehow,
And haven’t yet run out of chow;
But stuff coming our way
Gets still worse every day,
So kill me—just kill me right now.

Fire and Ice

[An oldie, renovated:]

Wondering how we’ll expire?
The answer, in case you inquire:
What we know now’s concise— 
Though ice might be nice, 
The world will be ending in fire.