Friday, August 19, 2011

The Ant and the Grasshopper

The ant was preparedness bound,
While the grasshopper just screwed around;
Studied reflection
On moral perfection
From stories like this can be found.

Fables provide us with maps
So that living life’s not shooting craps;
Use this tale as a guide:
Both of them died
From ecosystem collapse.


  1. Looks like I get to post the first comment. I really like this one in particular...ant a grasshopper, doesn't matter which you are the result is the same in the end because of how we have collectively screwed it all up.

    You should ask Alex and Jock to link your blog at both SilCo and HA. :)

  2. We’re now headed quickly downhill,
    And I don’t believe in free will,
    So there’s no one to blame,
    But just know that I came
    In response to my good friend Bill.

    Thank you, Bill (I think)! :D