Monday, April 28, 2014

Collapse of Industrial Civilization vs. Extinction

Collapse, optimistically read,
Once meant camping adventures ahead;
But hot dogs and Jello
Can’t maintain our mellow
Once extinction makes sure we’re all dead.

H/T: John Ludi

Friday, April 25, 2014


It’s not ‘cause we’re some special brute,
Or the eating of forbidden fruit;
It’s not values we had:
Right or wrong, good or bad—
The reason is overshoot.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Most humans don’t have time or skill
To grasp doom, and so they never will;
But they’ll try to hold sway
In our time-honored way:
Finding people to torture and kill. 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

About Hope

Hope Stops

The humans, they had hope until
Their terminal slide downhill;
Living better somehow
Had sustained them, but now
They realize they never will.


I kept hoping for better: instead,
 “Just wait till you’re older,” folks said;
By now I should know
Things won’t change, although
Perhaps they’ll improve once I’m dead.

Hope Springs Eternal

Some advice that’s not moralistic
Nor unduly pessimistic:
As we slide down doom’s slope,
Don’t abandon all hope—
Just hope that’s unrealistic.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sol Roth

Wouldn’t it be super keen
If the future had a routine
To finish our scene
In a way that’s serene
Like where Sol went in “Soylent Green?”

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Fundamental Split

Doom changes worldview a lot
(Although, in the end, it means squat),
Dividing those who
Think we will pull through
From those who think we will not. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

More Songs (Again)

The End

“This is the end,” Jim proclaims:
“Break on through” from your usual games;
Good advice from a Door,
Since it’s not long before
The whole shithouse goes up in flames.

We Shall Be Released

Because we’re no smarter than yeast,
It turns out we’ll soon be deceased;
Being old makes one prepped
To more promptly accept:
Any day now, we shall be released.

All My Trials

Hush little baby, don’t cry,
You know mama was born to die;
Too late, humankind,
Too late, never mind:
All my trials soon be gone by.

If life were a thing you could buy,
The rich would live, poor folk would die;
But we’re all intertwined,
And all dead—never mind:
All my trials soon be gone by.

Staying Alive

You used to be sinful or mad
If you killed yourself ‘cause you were sad,
But life’s getting rougher:
To no longer suffer
Will turn out to be not that bad.

The Dream Is Over—What Can I Say?

“The dream is over
What can I say?”
    — John Lennon: "God"

Extinction’s the animal way:
Every species must reach its last day;
If you comprehend
That the dream’s at its end,
There’s not a whole lot left to say.

Monday, April 7, 2014

The End of Suffering

“I will show you suffering, and the end of suffering.”
     — Buddha

The End of Suffering

Our lifetimes we cannot extend,
But the upside to comprehend:
When there is no more grief,
We get final relief,
And our suffering comes to an end.

Runaway Train

I sit on this runaway train
Watching the passing terrain;
There’s not much I can do
But accept doom is true,
And wait for the end of the pain. 

H/T: pat @ NBL


The End of Suffering

It’s becoming convincingly clear
That the end of our suffering’s near:
Soon hardly a trace
Will remain of our race
‘Cause we’re leaving, and won’t reappear.

We Had A Dream

Our dream of justice has passed:
Life means oppression by caste;
But soon now, instead,
We’ll be equally dead—
Thank God, we’ll be free at last.

H/T: Kathy Cassandra

Friday, April 4, 2014

Point and Laugh

Don’t worry about the deniers,
Simply point and laugh at the liars;
Since doom’s underway
Whatever they say
Won’t change that our species expires.

H/T: rbrgs 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Oh, Those Wacky Deniers

Watching the Deniers

Their stridency starts to reveal
Nervousness they can’t conceal;
They say it’s a hoax
And they try to make jokes,
But they’ll freak when they find out it’s real.

Something To Look Forward To

Deniers try to insist
Global warming doesn’t exist;
But once they conclude
They were wrong, plus they’re screwed,
They’re going to be mightily pissed.

Waking Up

Though deniers may act like some creep,
Their position we might want to keep:
With the heat, they’ll reverse,
And then act so much worse,
We’ll wish they would go back to sleep.

Suddenly This Summer

A zero calorie diet
Plus heat will make people riot;
But it’s worse if they scope
That doom means there’s no hope—
We should have kept it more quiet.

Just You Wait

Deniers couldn’t be dumber
To insist warming isn’t a bummer:
They point to their snow,
But we say “Hello?
Get back to us after this summer.”