Thursday, August 18, 2011


We like to find others to blame,
At times it’s ourselves that we flame.
But plain overshoot
Is setting our route,
And not just some people we frame.

Some folks who’re tormented by hate
Have something amiss in their pate;
With insight away
From guiding them they
Find other folks to desecrate.

When we can’t kill our Eurasian brother,
Plus Africans, maybe another;
Without transportations
To kill other nations
We’ll make do killing each other!

In looking for someone to cuss
Or slyly, with blaming, discuss,
Just look in the mirror—
Can’t be any clearer—
We have met the enemy, he’s us.

When figuring out whom to hate,
And which bogeyman to create,
It’s hard to decide,
So look from outside;
There’s no one to blame. It’s just fate.

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