Saturday, August 20, 2011

Extinction-level Event

To get an idea what is meant
By these words which could cause discontent,
Why don’t we cavort
Through the real import
Of extinction-level event?

A dead end in Darwin’s Descent
Which humans (and others) lament,
We’ll lose all we’ve won,
It’s gone, finished, done,
In extinction-level event.

Think extinct—one hundred percent,
Defunct, wrecked, kaput, shot, and spent;
We’re too maladjusted,
We’re broken, screwed, busted
From extinction-level event.

It’s my view, you’re free to dissent,
But I think that we can’t circumvent
Never more to awake,
It’s now baked in the cake,
This extinction-level event.

So accept what we cannot prevent:
It’s over, sunk, fixed in cement;
Let’s get through our head
It means we’re all dead,
Our extinction-level event.

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