Thursday, August 18, 2011


We try to discover the key
To understand all that we see;
In answering this quiz,
Science tells us what is,
Philosophy, what ought to be.

Competition/cooperation had
Evolved in a hierarchy fad
In animal groups
Before humans taught dupes
Their myths of what’s good and what’s bad.

We incorporate much that seems odd
When we form our social facade;
Just trying to be pure
Must have felt more secure
When the focus was solely on God.

We’ve buttressed our views on morality
With theories about immortality.
Since Peak Oil has hit
Perhaps we’ll admit
That all life might have some finality.

‘Twas like this ere monkeys had fire,
With people, you oft find desire.
If you knew how all clicked,
Then you could predict
This sorry Scheme of Things entire.

The Buddha taught life is a bitch,
But let’s try to say it in kitsch:
If life isn’t great,
Well, that’s due to fate.
So just try to locate your niche.

Ah! What is our Higher Power?
Wheat berries or time in the shower?
I’ll tell you what’s mine,
Blake said it just fine:
“Eternity in an hour.”

A failure to self-enthrall
Is, compared to reality, small;
We’ll probably will find
Most things on our mind
Are not a big problem at all.

Serenity suggests rejecting
Things which worrying’s not affecting;
Problems like these—
In fact, most one now sees—
Will soon be self-correcting.

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