Thursday, August 18, 2011


The yeast cell looked Man in the eye,
And asked, once again, with a sigh,
“You know we’re related,
So how are you fated
To be any more free than I?”

It’s one-sided to think that we caved
In approving a world that’s depraved;
The comfort and pleasure
We get from our leisure
Are exactly the things that we craved.

The leopard does what leopards do,
We humans must do our thing too;
So have no regrets,
It’s as good as it gets,
And soon our time will be all through.

Since we’re so near the end, let’s review:
Did we do great things from what we knew?
Did we reach some fine goal?
Bad or good, on the whole?
—We did what animals do.

Did we fail, or do what we should?
Were we noble, or misunderstood?
Were we bad, were we good?
—We did what we could
The way every animal should.

Homo colossus, we were,
And we did things the way we prefer;
But soon we’ll be gone,
There’ll come a new dawn,
Then something else will occur.

If I were to guess where we went
When we go through our final descent:
Acceptance, full scope,
With the loss of all hope
Is a once-in-a-lifetime event.

“Until the rivers stop flowing”
Used to mean what we’d never be knowing;
But while we’re plateauing
The water’s now slowing—
Just one woe we’ll be undergoing.

It’s so hard to comprehend
That we broke something we cannot mend;
Yet worse, my dear friend,
When we follow our trend,
That all this will actually end.

Fast crash versus slow decay:
I can wish, but events won’t obey;
Plus, to my dismay,
I get fuck all to say,
So I guess I’ll accept either way.

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