Sunday, August 21, 2011


There's many routes to lethal rout,
But one thing there’s no doubt about:
Our world, once attractive,
We’ll leave radioactive—
And there's absolutely no way out.

Our intelligent innovation—
New elements with radiation—
Does not seem so smart
When you see it's a part
Of our premature termination.

With bombs and reactors we’ve topped
The food chain, and all we co-opt;
Now we are captive
To a world radioactive
‘Cause Judgment Day cannot be stopped. 

We've not yet learned being resolved more
To clean up this deadly unsolved chore,
But that’s not astounding:
Radioactive surrounding
Is not the world which we evolved for.

We know that the grid will soon fail,
Causing radioactive travail;
We can end life creation,
But our radiation
Will keep on spreading death, and prevail.

If reactors aren’t shut down posthaste
And fuel rods deeply encased,
Prepare for “Bye bye”
‘Cause we’re likely to die
In hot radioactive waste.

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