Monday, August 22, 2011

Kubler-Ross User Guide

Just a few simple words for your jive,
To deniers who think they’ll survive;
These might do the trick,
And they're easy to pick:
'Cause with K-R, you've only got five:

Most common, of course, is denial,
For anger, we all can see bile;
A bargaining style,
Some depression awhile,
And acceptance completes our trial.

So try this out for assistance:
When people reject your persistence,
Recall Kubler-Ross
And tell them who’s boss:
They’re just manifesting resistance.


  1. Hi, Ben! You make me happy, happy, happy! Even if they are limericks of doom.


  2. mtlouie! How nice to see you! Ladies and gentlemen, one of the LATOC greats, from whom I learned so much!

    There was a fine gal named mtlouie,
    Who thought politics was all hooey;
    She did her darn best
    To warn all the rest
    Before the whole world went kablooey.

    mtlouie in large part defines
    The shape of our verbal designs;
    She helps us explore,
    And oh, so much more—
    It can’t all be squeezed in five lines.

    When confused, and wondering whether
    We’re ruled by a PTB tether,
    We remember we’ve read
    What mtlouie said: