Sunday, April 13, 2014

Fundamental Split

Doom changes worldview a lot
(Although, in the end, it means squat),
Dividing those who
Think we will pull through
From those who think we will not. 


  1. You've got the bull by the horns
    One rejoices while the other mourns
    My trouble, I finds
    Is I'm in two minds
    And will probably be till doom dawns.

  2. Accepting doom has really helped my cognitive dissonance.

  3. The problem is that acceptance of doom negates hope.

  4. Hmm. O.K., try this:


    I kept hoping for better: instead,
    “Just wait till you’re older,” folks said;
    By now I should know
    Things won’t change, although
    Perhaps they’ll improve once I’m dead.

  5. Acceptance of doom negates hope.
    You might as well hand me some rope:
    A noose 'round my neck
    A drop -- fast body check.
    (If we're wrong, though, I'll feel such a dope!)

    1. pendantry, you’re good at these! I don’t think I can keep up with you in limericks, so for now let me just say that, from my post-NTE-acceptance POV, acceptance of doom negates only unrealistic hope.

    2. O.K., pendantry, here we go:

      Hope Springs Eternal

      Some advice that’s not moralistic
      Nor unduly pessimistic:
      As we slide down doom’s slope,
      Don’t abandon all hope—
      Just hope that’s unrealistic.

    3. That's the ticket!

      Unrealistic hope is a tease
      I'll have none of that, if you please;
      To sidestep the seductive
      And reveal what's productive
      We must free education's keys.

    4. Important distinction to recognize in dealing with doom. Our sounding the alarm will ring down through future, wait a minute, that’s not right....

    5. Yes. It's weird, isn't it?

  6. Don't get me wrong -- I don't condone denial.
    What we face is one huge megatrial!
    If we accept that we must
    Go for broke or go bust
    Then (perhaps) we may win (for a while...)

    (PS I don't know why this thing now insists on posting this as 'anonymous'. I gave it a pseudonym, but it's clearly not happy with that, though it was before...) --pendantry

    1. I support all constructive ways of dealing with the news.

      As to the technicalities, sorry, I haven’t a clue!

    2. Me, neither. Blasted machines foil me at every turn.