Saturday, August 20, 2011

Diagnosing Doomers

To find out your diagnosis,
And even a likely prognosis:
If your head’s into doom,
Go ahead and assume
The answer will be psychosis.

For instance, consider IQ:
If you’ve ever heard of Baku,
Something’s wrong with your brain,
You must be insane,
Or at minimum, just feeling blue.

Or check out your Myers-Briggs type,
Narrowed down to your personal stripe;
Despite a facade,
Folks will think that you’re odd,
And someone at whom they can snipe.

And then there’s the MMPI,
Which will work till the world starts to fry;
It’s not just a quirk,
You’re completely berserk,
If it matters before we all die.

As the final door of doom shuts,
And everyone loses their butts,
For reasons climatic,
You’ll be symptomatic
And people will think that you’re nuts.


  1. thanks BenjaminTheDonkey!

    although i still can't make as nearly a good limerick as you can. and i am thankful for this as it always gives me something worthwhile to aspire to. this gives me hope and a really good laugh all at the same time. god is lol


  2. all-is-sun! How nice to see you! Many thanks! :)