Monday, August 22, 2011

Approaches to therapy

When trying to “get” this world’s mess
It’s good not to over-obsess.
Refrain from confusing,
And think about using
The acronym KISS.

When will the internet peak?
Before it becomes an antique,
We’d best do what we can
To firm up our plan
For doom, while we can still speak.

We naturally want to delay
The enormity of our dismay,
But therapists say:
With pain first prepay
To make peace with what’s headed our way.

Recovery, for peak oil, perhaps
(And needed to prevent a relapse),
Seems perfectly fitted:
Step 1 - We admitted
We were powerless over collapse.

If you want to cut down on your gloom,
Weave wind on a large verbal loom.
It’ll use up your RAM,
Your brain will then jam;
It’s one way to block out the doom.

If you find that your self-view is shaming,
That’s simple to fix by renaming;
Or, in technical terms,
Your ego confirms
It likes itself more by reframing.

Some experts insist it’s the case,
Rage habits get hard to erase;
But others suggest
Get things off your chest--
For them, now’s the right time and place.

For when things become really rough,
We’ll want things to drink, eat, and puff.
A good thing to do
To help pull us through;
We can’t have enough of that stuff.

Before you get any distraughter,
Think: How do you wait for the slaughter?
Zen master serene,
If asked of this scene
Would answer: “Chop wood, carry water.”

At some point in our critique
Cognitive dissonance should peak;
Maybe while we obsess
Our anxiety’s less
A little bit each time we speak.

For help with a different perspective,
A larger view might be effective:
From a cosmic view point,
There is no disjoint—
That’s just humans being subjective.

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