Thursday, August 18, 2011


Our system clearly rewards,
Those who plunder with swords and accords;
And status rewards
Those who rule larger hordes—
It’s just a bunch of warlords!

The alpha person who wields
Such power as government yields
Can be more discrete
By taking retreat
Behind a few corporate shields.

Well, d’oh! Do I feel like a fool!
That’s NOT what they taught us in school.
This land we adore
Does things we ignore
To benefit others who rule?

We’ve made secret plans that none knew,
Decided whose heads we’ll hold guns to,
Got plans to bug out,
There’s just one little doubt:
Where’s everyone going to run to?

As we watch the world’s oil decline,
Our lights will not always shine;
In the dark we can see
What’s about to be—
Rolling blackouts are an early sign.

The talk of financial trial,
I can’t figure out where to file;
For peak oil, finances
Are avoidance stances:
Is it bargaining or denial?

The size of the mess on our route
Makes money and politics moot;
They might rearrange,
But not basically change,
Our dieoff from overshoot.

It’s not about money theology,
Or political mythology;
If you want to make sense,
Of peak oil, no offense,
You must start with ecology.

The humans, they learned quite a lot,
Even seeing each prejudiced plot;
But PO had them trapped
With no time to adapt,
So that was as far as they got.

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