Tuesday, April 30, 2013

This Says It All

Check out the magnificent new essay by Daniel Drumright at Nature Bats Last:

 One look at the trouble we’re in,
And our view of the world starts to spin:
Much to our chagrin,
We see, under our skin,
What we are, and always have been.

Print the message on wall and fridge door,
Hand releases out to the press corps;
The news sure will delight
Folks at every web site:
Nothing matters anymore.

Your know preps will prove ineffective,
And also, that lots of invective
Will be coming your way
If you choose to display
A post-acceptance perspective.

It turns out the future is not-so-great,
But we can’t do a thing at this late date;
We must meet our fate
And there’s not long to wait:
The best we can do is commiserate.

Folks’ justifications are based
On laws which get changed and replaced;
What they call wrong or right
(At least in their sight)
Will soon be completely erased.

Special instructions for Southern California

As soon as you see the glow, flee—
Don’t even stop to go pee;
You may try to pray,
But you won’t get away
Far enough from San Onofre.

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