Thursday, May 2, 2013

Extra—News of the Day: May 2, 2013

May Day Protests

There were protests the first day of May:
Pics of violence coming your way;
In related news
(No one ever saw clues),
Poor get poor, rich get rich—every day!


Golden, that’s how she was viewed:
She would never do anything crude,
But she failed to respond;
She was legally blonde,
But now her career is screwed.

European Interest Rates Lowered

Inflation’s what we should abhor: 
Weimar’s curious forgotten lore;
Ironically funny—
We’ve more and more money,
But nothing’s worth shit anymore.

Europe and the United States
Soon will set negative rates:
As things go downhill,
All worth becomes nil,
But keep inking those printing plates.


My thoughts about her never cease,
She looked good in satin or fleece;
I DO know her name:
She’s my secret flame—
Can’t wait for her next “release.”

Cannibals in Jamestown

With supplies right down to the dregs,
They revised their rules and their regs:
Eating out didn’t mean
A time-limited scene
In between one another’s legs.

That’s Life

Her mask slipped, but still, here’s what’s key:
Post-divorce, for a while, she was free;
Though odds of us linked
Match not going extinct,
She should have been marrying me.


So there’s all the news, now you’ve heard
(Though some of it’s purposely blurred);
Oh yeah: well fuck me!
Right there on TV,
Someone mentioned a dirty word.

H/T: Red Eft at NBL

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