Wednesday, April 3, 2013

More Pre-Doomers

“Pre-doomers” and “doomers,” one finds,
Divide people of earth in two kinds:
Early explorers
Glimpsing the horrors,
And the rest, who’ll soon change their minds.

The world’s full of pre-doomer folks
To whom climate warnings are jokes;
They’ll laugh less at the jest
Upon joining the rest
Who found out global warming’s no hoax.

The doomer’s now seen as a loon,
But we’re all going to be doomers soon;
Calling soon-to-be “pre”
Comes off more PC
Than to laugh and say, “What a maroon!”

“We’re all caught in the very same net.”
We learn from this micro-vignette
BAU consumers
And other pre-doomers
Just haven’t become doomers yet.

In the end, the world will attune
To the song of the doomer commune:
Those in the choir
Can see things are dire;
The rest will become doomers soon. 


  1. As always you are prophet and bard for our times, the last prophet and bard unfortunately. Interesting little piece on Zero Hedge. Guess what there is NO PLAN B. ooops

  2. KC, I’ve been thinking maybe when doom gets to me, it will be so fast and overwhelming that money in the bank won’t matter.