Wednesday, February 1, 2012


The Fighter Pilots

—That order’s a death decree!
—This is the way it must be.
—On the screen there’s no doubt:
Now they’re all flaming out.
—They’ve gone down into the sea.

Goodbye, My Friend

—I liked London. One could transcend
The war; on long walks, time I’d spend
Amid historic array...
—It is a hard day.
—Good-bye, my friend. —Good-bye, my friend.

Helen Grady

Jack...this is Helen...hello?
There's no war! Don’t let the bombs go!
I've never lied to you...
You know that is true...
Jack...please answer me....No!

The Ambassador

—When the hydrogen bombs ignite,
A shriek will report your plight;
As they drop to the ground...
—Explosions now sound!
The sky is lit up very bright....

The Matador

We knew what this mission might be.
Only I touch the bomb control key,
And I fly the plane;
From these acts you refrain—
The dream! The matador! Me! 

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