Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Apocalypse Now

The General 

Every heart has conflict within,
Between good and turning to sin;
Kurtz won’t come around
From his methods unsound,
And the good side does not always win.

The Mission

Your operation “doesn’t exist,”
And we are so done being pissed;
Extreme prejudice is planned:
End the Colonel’s command—
And now Captain, you are dismissed. 


We learn from our field benedictory,
Killing’s good (that’s not contradictory);
And it’s not Charlie’s turf,
‘Cause Charlie don’t surf!
—It all smelled like...victory.


—Sampan, port bow: let’s say hello,
If they’re moving too fast or too slow,
—Kill ‘em all...why not?
(They’re shot on the spot.)
—I told you don’t stop. Now let's go.


You think that you’re safe while afloat,
So you focus on one simple quote;
If you like, you can yelp
(At the end it won’t help):
Never get out of the boat.

The Photojournalist

Look at this shit and its trends,
How everything ebbs and descends;
Even if you’re no whiz,
You can tell that this is
The way that the fucking world ends.


My perspective is clear and unsparing;
I’m immune to any more scaring.
What you call normality
Is lying morality,
And that’s why I’m far beyond caring.

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