Saturday, February 25, 2012

Out of Gas

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What do you think it will mean
To run out of gasoline?
With no change in routine,
We’ll soon reconvene
Right back at Olduvai ravine.

The steady increase in gas prices
Is soon going to lead to a crisis;
It will open some eyes
When, to our surprise,
We’re unable to run our devices.

While often it’s quite rightly panned,
Economics explains what’s at hand;
We can all understand
Collapse that’s unplanned:
It’s simple supply and demand.

Some people try to proclaim
It’s all due to some scapegoat they frame,
But it’s how we've evolved
And our problem’s not solved
By finding someone to blame.

Soon we won’t have any gas
For getting to work or to class,
And without food we’ll see
That there won’t even be
Any gas passing out of our ass. 

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