Sunday, February 5, 2012

Doomer Therapy, Kubler-Ross Style

“ occurred to me that, in our grief over the impending death of Business As Usual, we have sidestepped moving on from bargaining  to acceptance by taking a turn back toward bargaining’s ancient stepsister, the sacrificing of whatever gods we feel need appeasing so that BAU might live....”

Some people restrain grief progression
Using bargaining-based obsession;
It’s a kind of digression
To hold back succession
To the subsequent stage, depression.


For a framework to deal with our loss,
The five stages of grief are my boss;
They’re not lots of fun,
But they get the job done,
And that’s why I like Kubler-Ross.

K-R’s a good system for basing
A way to serenity chasing;
It helps people plan
For when shit hits the fan,
And prepare for what they’ll soon be facing.

Folks get a good introduction
From her theory’s simple construction;
Using just a rough sketch,
It helps their minds stretch
Enough for doom basic instruction.


  1. Ben!!! I thought I'd lost you! Emmie gave me your link so I could link to your blog here.
    Beautiful work Ben!
    sorry I hadn't linked to you before now, honestly I could have swore I did though.
    Easily remedied though! control V! :D

  2. Hi Ben. Just wanted to check out the latest limericks of doom and say hello.

  3. pam, thank you so much! I looked it up: you were the second nice enough to say hello, right after Bill Hicks. :)

    Linda, a lot of the latest are coming from your blog haha! :D Thanks for stopping by! :)