Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ode to the Dixie Chicks

“The Truth...from a band that got excoriated for telling the truth”

There was a great band called the Chicks
Which was met by some damned dirty tricks;
From a few words they said,
They were suddenly dead,
Destroyed by some hate-driven dicks.

Take heed, little cowpoke, and hear
Of the end of the Chicks’ career;
They sure knew how to play,
And they still make their way,
Right into my welcoming ear.

It’s sad that the world’s really so,
That we lost maybe Dixie’s best show
Since New Orleans blew
Hot jazz which was new
A full hundred long years ago.

Perhaps it's the best thing to do,
To speak your view, honest and true;
But watch out, my young pup,
Better STFU,
Or the same thing might happen to you.

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