Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Fracking and Noblesse Oblige

Cornell Study Links Fracking Wastewater with Mortality in Farm Animals

...In one case, an accidental release of fracking fluids into a pasture adjacent to a drilling operation resulted in 17 cows dead within an hour. Exposure to fracking fluids running onto pastures or into streams or wells also reportedly led to pregnant cows producing stillborn calves, goats exhibiting reproductive problems and other farm animals displaying similar problems. Farmers reported effects within one to three days of animals consuming errant fracking wastewater....

The people who poison the earth
Can say what a nickel is worth,
But they haven’t a clue
What's needed to do
To sustain life and life-giving birth.

They disregard poison’s alarm,
Don’t care who or what comes to harm;
They’re part of the haves
Who don’t care about calves
Or anyone who’s on a farm.

They can’t connect eating with plows,
And couldn’t care less about cows;
The life money endows
Puts no sweat on their brows,
And they’ve nothing to do but carouse.

Nobility maintained docility,
But also increased civility;
Now it's only devour,
No more “with great power
Comes great responsibility.”

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