Monday, January 30, 2012

Soylent Green

The Lieutenant’s Office

—Who bought you? That is my thought.
—As soon as they pay you, you’re bought.
—I’m not some dumb slob:
I won’t risk my damn job!
(Hatcher didn’t get what he sought.)

Some Foul-up at Transport

Soylent green is gone for today,
But if you continue to stay,
You’ll first be puree,
Then someone’s buffet:
The scoops are on their way.

A Visit to the Exchange

—Believe: our chances are slim;
Overwhelming evidence is grim.
—Maybe God sees what’s odd.
—Mr. Roth, what God?
Where are we going to find him?

Tasteless Odorless Crud

When I was a kid, food was food,
But dude, this shit gives me a ‘tude;
Since we’re totally screwed,
Maybe if it’s stewed,
It will taste better once it gets chewed.

In the Church

We've only one way to pig out;
Tell everyone, you’ve gotta shout
From high rise and steeple:
Solylent green is people!
—And that’s what our future’s about.

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