Sunday, February 23, 2014

We Will All Go Together When We Go

We’ll all go together when we go,
But today there’s more options, we know:
Different horses we’ll ride
To the other side,
But we’ll all go together when we go.

Conquest won’t be our last feat,
‘Cause the heat’s something we cannot beat:
Not just temperature factors,
But busted reactors—
Our fate’s set in hard white concrete.

Famine’s the next thing we’ll greet
Without foods like wheat and red meat;
When there’s no more to carve
From each other, we’ll starve:
We can’t live without something to eat.

War gives a chance to mistreat
Each other with horror complete;
The future looks black,
And there’s no turning back,
Though we’re headed for certain defeat.

Death, from his Lehrer’s come to mow:
We’re already pale and laid low;
There’s more ways that I’ve missed,
But you’re getting the gist—
We’ll all go together when we go. 


  1. The moment I hear of cannibalism becoming prevalent, I'm out of here. What else are people gonna eat, there are so many of us and everything else edible will burn up and wither?

  2. Absolutely. No point sticking around then.