Saturday, February 8, 2014

Bob Dylan at the Super Bowl

My Superbowl Commercial, by Bob Dylan

My old values now are estranged,
So what’s real has been rearranged:
Got to Hollywood,
And I’m doing good—
I used to care, but things have changed.

Bob Dylan, Voice of a Generation

I thought that he meant what he said,
So I let him get into my head;
But it turns out his stance
Was just song and dance—
Oh well, pretty soon we’ll be dead.

Who Says We Won’t Get Fooled Again

It took me a long time, and then
I thought that I saw Dylan’s Zen,
But his clever words
Were just shined up turds;
I’m a fucking idiot again.


Again the world’s biggest rock star
Insincerely strums his guitar;
But if you believe,
You’re too fucking naive,
And you’ll own some piece of shit car.


The words in a Bob Dylan song
Might talk about what’s right and wrong,
But talking the talk
Isn’t walking the walk:
It was nothing but shtick all along.

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