Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Marius the Giraffe

Racial Profiling

On account of its DNA,
A giraffe was killed; what can I say?
Bullshitting’s fine,
But the bottom line
Is they’ll all be dead soon anyway.

Better Off Dead

Perhaps it would fill you with rage
To live your whole life in a cage
Or at least, I would bet
That you’d not get upset
If you never reached an old age.


Caged life can’t be good for a calf,
Or actually, any giraffe;
So even a bier
Might be better than here—
I hope so, on his behalf.

You Know What’s Really Funny?

The zoo’s one of those foundations
To “help” DNA mutations;
What they don’t yet see
Is there’s not going to be
Any future generations.

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