Sunday, December 1, 2013

More Negativity


How much of our life we create
Has been a longstanding debate;
But when closely reviewed,
Doom should have us conclude
That we’re not in control of our fate.

We Are Like Snowflakes

As what you alone thought and felt
Because of the cards you were dealt,
Doom’s right path for you
Will be unique too;
And also, we’re soon going to melt.

Think of the Children

If children not born knew they’d grow
In our world so chock-full of woe,
And if option they got
To go through it or not,
They’d probably answer, “Fuck no!”

Attaining Acceptance

I’m working real hard to create
A way to accept our fate;
Pursuing that shit
Prob’ly won’t help a bit,
But it’s something to do while we wait.

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