Thursday, December 19, 2013

Beatles Medley

Fixing a Hole

Doom will no longer delay,
So I'm taking the time while I may
For whatever life brings
And a number of things
That weren't important yesterday.

The Fool On The Hill

The doomer’s considered a clown,
A silly one, wearing a frown;
But he knows we’ll be dead,
And the eyes in his head
Can see our world going down.

(Watching the Wheels)

It was fun at first, then I said no
To an act in some go-nowhere show,
‘Cause one day, pretty quick,
I got dizzy and sick,
And I just had to let it go.

Eleanor Rigby

Eleanor lived in a dream:
Used denial to boost self-esteem;
Wrestling doom set her free
To be able to see
Who she was, not what she might seem. 

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