Friday, December 13, 2013

How Extinction Is Changing Our Worldview

Future References

Once you no longer sit on the fence,
Allusions to future events
Begin to look moot,
No longer compute,
And start making less and less sense.

AGW and Meltdowns End It

Our various doomer room chatters
Are listing the ways the world shatters,
But since we can’t beat
The nukes and the heat,
None of that other stuff matters.

Guilty Secret

I read some new bummer’s occurred,
And I should have my empathy stirred;
Yet sometimes I laugh,
Which I know is a gaffe,
But the whole thing’s so fucking absurd.

Gaia, Suffering, and Human Extinction

Extinction might be Gaia’s cure
From humans and all their manure,
But, in any case,
When we vacate this space,
Our suffering will end for sure.

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