Wednesday, November 13, 2013



I’ve come down with some kind of “itis”
From dealing with doomer detritus;
It just lately appeared
And it makes me feel weird:
I guess I’ve got doomeritis.

My Dismal Place

Viewing this mess in totality
With unemotional neutrality
Might help us to face
What’s in doom’s dismal place
(Which BTW looks like reality).

Why I Am A Doomer

I tend to be kind of depressed,
But doom picks me up when I’m stressed:
Its mood’s not so fine,
But it’s better than mine,
So it gets me back feeling my best.

It’s Easier When You Are Old

Old age, while sometimes a curse,
Makes doom seem less strange and perverse:
Things that once worked O.K.
Get fucked up every day,
And tomorrow is looking still worse.

These Are The Good Old Days

Make hay while the weather is sunny,
Make jokes, and maybe some money;
‘Cause one of these days
We’ll run out of delays,
And this dying thing won’t be so funny. 

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