Tuesday, November 19, 2013



Watching the fan turning brown
Changes a smile to a frown:
Abandoning schemes
Like our hopes and our dreams
Tends to bring people down.


People are into denying
How everything’s going to be frying;
One reason they’re giving:
The long habit of living
Indisposeth us for dying.

H/T: Sir Thomas Browne

Readers’ Comments Show Doomer Bargaining Useless

If you still think we’ll stop our fall,
Look over that ignorant scrawl;
We continue to cope,
But there’s no fucking hope—
No fucking hope at all.

What Should I Do?

Doom’s coming, what should I do?
Do the math, let it in, get a clue,
Get it into your head
We’ll all soon be dead,
Accept that it’s over—we’re through.

Was It All Worth It?

Efforts to live may redouble
But still make our habitat rubble;
There was more work than fun,
And now that we’re done,
At least it’s the end of the trouble.

No matter how hard we try,
It turns out we’re all going to die;
With no reason to lie,
Causal science tells why
It’s the end of the world. Say goodbye.

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