Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Extra! Panic Room Opens To Rave Reviews!


Dante explains how to cope
When hope’s always answered by “nope”:
“In the Panic Room,
It’s safe to assume
Ye who enter abandon all hope.”

The T-101 came on track
For a hasta la vista attack;
He found out instead
That he liked what he read,
And on leaving, he said “I’ll be back.”

“Panic Room knows that we’re screwed,”
Said Einstein, “so we must conclude,
Though things couldn’t be worse,
Infinity’s perverse,
And makes everything relative, dude.”

“The Panic Room cuts like a knife
To the marrow of all the world’s strife”;
Then, empty of mind,
The Buddha opined,
“It’s suffering, but then, that’s life.”

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