Monday, August 12, 2013

The Beach Boys

Help Me, Rhonda

Seeking peace before I was dead,
I looked, but I found doom instead;
I said WTF?
I’d like better luck:
Help get doom out of my head.

Bad Vibrations

I’m picking up bad vibrations
Connected with doom’s excitations;
I don’t know where,
But it sends me there,
Among other mental locations.

In My Gloom

There’s a place where I’m sharing my gloom:
It’s a blog, like an online room;
I compare with my peers
All my worries and fears
And unwelcome secrets of doom.

It Gets Around

Radiation’s coming inbound
Till there’s nowhere it cannot be found;
It’s sure to get there
Via water or air:
That Fuku shit sure gets around.

Fun, Fun, Fun

Like sheep, we have all gone astray,
Thinking life’s purpose is play;
But, son of a gun,
We’ll have fun, fun, fun,
Till our habitat all goes away.

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