Friday, May 24, 2013

Accepting NTE and Cognitive Dissonance, or “Doomers Lie In Order To...”

I used to be really a mess
‘Cause all the of time I’d obsess
About doom’s potpourri,
So I searched for the key
To make cognitive dissonance less.

The word’s out, no one can suppress
What soon will be widespread, I guess;
The changes we see
Toward NTE
Make cognitive dissonance less.

I figured out how to address
Doom and diminish my stress:
If you disagree,
That’s O.K. with me—
I’ve made cognitive dissonance less.

I’m pleased with my little success:
I could keep ranting, but I digress;
As a doom devotee,
I’m much more stress-free
With cognitive dissonance less. 

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