Monday, June 16, 2014

The Buddha says: “Life is Suffering.”


At first, our extinction motif
Is us, fighting disbelief;
But the more we watch strife
And the downside of life,
The more we view death as relief.

Geezers Do Doom

Doom is an old people’s game,
And dealing with death is the aim;
It won’t mess with your head
When you’re practically dead
‘Cause the issues are mostly the same.


If I get a disease they can’t cure,
I’m gonna do hospice for sure;
The same goes for doom:
I’ve had enough gloom
In my life—I won’t try to endure.

It’s All Good

Every day, when I roll out of bed,
They’ve found something new we should dread;
It would mess with my head
But it’s O.K. instead
‘Cause I know that we’re already dead.

Gathering Speed

NTE is gathering speed,
So extinction is guaranteed,
But we will succeed
To be finally freed
From the misery of our breed.

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