Friday, June 13, 2014

Molecules Bounce Around As They Must

On Determinism and Blame

Molecules bounce without aim,
Or socialized human head game;
Always some prior cause
Within nature’s laws
Means no one has ultimate blame.

Get Over It

The universe doesn’t take actions
Because of your special attractions:
Instead, I’ve a hunch
It thinks you’re a bunch
Of chemical reactions.

Free Will

We’re like some illogical bozo,
Not a reasoning virtuoso:
Since every event
Is of causal descent,
Nothing arises de novo.


Fate’s something we can’t wish away:
Atoms bounce as they must and don’t stray;
We protest or accept
While we’re getting prepped,
But we don’t get to have any say.


  1. You are one deep & fun fellow, Ben.
    I read you on NBL.
    You hooked me with ...
    "Whose limericks just wouldn't scan"