Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Oh, Those Wacky Deniers

Watching the Deniers

Their stridency starts to reveal
Nervousness they can’t conceal;
They say it’s a hoax
And they try to make jokes,
But they’ll freak when they find out it’s real.

Something To Look Forward To

Deniers try to insist
Global warming doesn’t exist;
But once they conclude
They were wrong, plus they’re screwed,
They’re going to be mightily pissed.

Waking Up

Though deniers may act like some creep,
Their position we might want to keep:
With the heat, they’ll reverse,
And then act so much worse,
We’ll wish they would go back to sleep.

Suddenly This Summer

A zero calorie diet
Plus heat will make people riot;
But it’s worse if they scope
That doom means there’s no hope—
We should have kept it more quiet.

Just You Wait

Deniers couldn’t be dumber
To insist warming isn’t a bummer:
They point to their snow,
But we say “Hello?
Get back to us after this summer.”


  1. "Global warming? But it's so very cold!"
    That's one that really gets old.
    It does seem to me
    They can't think globally
    But they simply refuse to be told.