Saturday, March 29, 2014

More Songs

Strange Days

Strange days have found us in gloom,
Strange days now all else subsume;
Though we won’t get away,
We run from the day
Into a strange night of doom.

Ball And Chain

Sitting here watching the rain,
I stare from this runaway train:
Doom came to be,
Grabbed a hold of me,
And it felt like a ball and chain.

Twelve Thirty

Underneath irrelevant squawking,
Doom from deep canyons comes stalking;
I can’t keep my eyes closed
To how badly we’re hosed,
And I can’t keep myself from talking.


One of these mornings, we’ll fly:
Spread our wings, and take to the sky;
No more suffering harm
After buying the farm
And saying to people “Goodbye.”

The Great Mandala

Act your role on the great wheel of strife
With a combo of sweet smile and knife;
You don’t get to choose
If you win or you lose:
If you lose, tough shit, that’s your life.

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