Wednesday, September 11, 2013

What To Do?

Kathy Cassandra says: So there you have it – to save the planet from global warming we need to end industrial civ and precipitate the inevitable dieoff. But to end industrial civ means a world flooded with radiation on top of the peak oil die off.


Theoretically, we might reverse
Either nuke plant or global heat’s curse,
But, quite unexpected,
Once one is selected,
It makes the other one worse.

No Exit

Industrial civilization
Means global warming cremation;
But without modern factors
To cool nuke reactors,
We’ll die, instead, from radiation.

Decisions, Decisions

If we tear down the nukes brick by brick,
World heat would rise up way too quick;
But without decommission,
There’s nuclear fission:
Let’s hope we can make the right pick.

(H/T: Woody Allen, of course)

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