Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Don’t Fry the Sea, Fukushima

Fukushima and Extinction

Every serious doom connoisseur
Thinks over what end they’d prefer;
Radiation’s spread
Might not make us all dead,
But it could make us wish that we were.

Canute the Great and the Wall of Ice

King Canute showed his limited might
Using water, which seeks its own height;
TEPCO, I’m guessin’,
Will learn the same lesson,
And never get Fuku fixed right.

Wall of Ice

Even a dumbass would know
That the dam must soon overflow;
A big wall of ice
Might look very nice,
But how long till people say, “D’oh!”?

What do they think can be won?
Maybe time to get used to doom’s gun,
And accept the idea
Of no panacea:
There’s nothing that can be done.

From "The Wall": Another Cube in the Wall Part 3

I’ve seen the wall-written scrawl—
Nothing will help now at all;
You can pile on more ice,
But here’s doomer advice:
It’s all just cubes in the wall.

Living on the West Coast

Though the west coast is where I reside,
I’m not worried about getting fried:
What makes people dead
Is going to spread,
And there’s nowhere to run or to hide.

Sooner or Later

It seemed the whole world might go splat
When Macondo was Nature at Bat;
But if not by Fuku,
We’ll be hit with doo-doo
The next time, or one after that.

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