Friday, July 5, 2013

Doomer Train

We’re all aboard; let me explain:
The world’s going straight down the drain;
The doomer domain
Might not make you insane,
But you cannot get off of its train.

There’s no way that you can detain
What’s occurring, that’s become plain;
You can watch the terrain
Through the window pane,
But you’re still stuck right here on the train.

If you like, you’re free to complain
(Up to you—you may also abstain):
You can say words profane
And try raising Cain,
But you’re not getting off of this train.

Seek something to entertain,
Relax from a lifetime of strain,
Guzzle wine and champagne,
Party down, dull the pain,
But here you remain, on this train.

Or use your time being humane,
And help other people maintain;
Sympathize and sustain,
But recall the refrain:
You still can’t get off of the train.

Make one final use of your brain,
Tripping down memory lane,
But don’t hope in vain
For some legerdemain—
You’re not getting off of this train. 

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