Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Coming Soon: The Big One in Fuku

Japan’s quake will make us subdued,
On the TV our eyes will be glued;
From watching the mess,
We’ll be able to guess
In how many hours we’re screwed.

Fuku’s like the sword of Damocles:
We’re so freaked, that Jeeze, we can’t find our knees;
Sooner or later,
That area will crater,
And then we’ll all die by slow degrees.

Someday, Fuku will shake,
Spent fuel will suddenly bake,
We’ll all die on the spot,
Or else, maybe not;
Until then, we wait for the quake.


  1. Probably said enough on NBL so I post these here. Hope you enjoy them as I do your limericks

  2. Living with open eyes
    Causes cynicism to arise
    In the end we are meat
    For others to eat
    The rest is nothing but lies

    Some write sayings most obscure
    Thinking it portrays thoughts most pure
    It is only bullshit
    From a bottomless pit
    And to tedious to endure

  3. KC, those are REALLY GOOD! Thanks! :)