Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Ballad of SFP4

In old Fukushima, Japan
The shit finally hit the fan;
A spent fuel pool
Which they tried to keep cool
Was sketchy, is how it began.

No one was worried at all
That the rods had no ceiling or wall;
The danger was greater
That sooner or later
The whole thing was going to fall.

At last, folks couldn’t ignore
What had been lying in store:
Then a quake came along
Sufficiently strong
To topple SFP4.

Collapse and worldwide privation
Resulted in upkeep cessation;
Rods elsewhere suspended,
Also untended,
Let loose lots more radiation.

Sixth extinction’s not fully explained
By the multiple rads that reigned;
As at Chernobyl,
Warming gone global
Finished off most of what life remained.

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