Monday, April 2, 2012

“The Downhill Spiral” Blog

The REAL Lesson From Obama’s “Keystone Cave-In”
“’Leaders’ like Obama have been put into place by his billionaire backers in order to pull the wool over the eyes of the masses and keep the game going for as long as possible.”

A look at the problems ahead
Finds little to offer instead;
The oil is plateauing,
So keep the game going,
Because once it stops we’re all dead.

Startup Company Coverts Plastic to Oil

Shuffling hydrocarbon chains
Will not yield significant gains;
It’s more chair-shuffling panic
Aboard the Titanic
In what little time now remains.

Economists “Baffled” By Slow Economic Growth Despite “Improving Employment”

Our system’s not yet reached the goal
Of one-sided news for the prole
Which doesn’t admit
That when news doesn’t fit
It gets dropped in the memory hole.

Generation FAIL. Baby Boomers Suffering In the Great Recession

For many, the Oil Age was great,
And supported a fine mental state;
But born early or late
Is no reason to hate:
We all must accept our fate.

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