Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Burnout and Depression

Burnout means working place stressed,
Like the doomer, who rests from preps quest;
Symptoms also suggest
Kubler-Ross type depressed—
Understandable, once it’s addressed.

Once the meaning of doom gets across,
The next thing’s to deal with the loss;
You’ll find there’s no cure,
But to help you endure,
There’s a treatment called Kubler-Ross.

Kubler-Ross helps us contrive
A method by which we can strive;
And yes, it’s a chore,
But we must do Stage Four
Before we arrive at Stage Five.

Doomers might feel unconnected
And hide when they're feeling dejected, 
But once you admit
That we're in deep shit, 
Depression should be expected. 

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