Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Abandoned Nuclear Reactors in the Future

The nuclear Doomsday Machine
Is not clean, or earth-friendly green;
It’s a time bomb that’s ticking,
And when it stops clicking,
Blows apart what's left of our scene.

Our unthinking nuclear spree
Provides a backup guarantee:
If not global heat,
Nukes assure we’re dead meat;
Not overly cautious, were we?

On top of what other things suck,
There'll be nuclear plants run amok;
When too much of this dread
Piles up on my head,
Sometimes I say, "WTF?"

There’s not much that really compares
To these serious real-life scares
For which we won’t contrive
Any way to survive,
But as usual, nobody cares.

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